Hi there! I’m an experienced IT Delivery Manager with a proven track record of successfully leading complex technology projects, in a multinational environment.

This is my personal webpage, that I used for sharing some insights and present myself. Welcome! 


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This is my Personal Website.

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Portfolio Management

Experienced portfolio manager skilled in maximizing returns and delivering exceptional results. Expertise in market analysis, risk management, and strategic portfolio optimization. Committed to achieving long-term financial objectives and providing exceptional client satisfaction.

Technology Management

Skilled technology manager, with hands-on experience driving innovation and optimizing IT solutions. Strong leadership and strategic mindset for achieving business objectives. Let’s unlock your company’s technological potential and drive digital transformation.

Financial Management

Expertise in budget control for optimal financial management of critical projects portfolio. My experience in Business anlysis help me to align technology investments and business objectives, delivering cost-effective solutions  and driving business growth.

People Management

Adept at inspiring and empowering international teams to achieve their full potential. Effective in fostering a collaborative work environment, cultivating employee engagement and productivity. I am committed to nurturing talent, while having some fun!


Explore some examples of Solutions I have lead

You can find more information of solutions and sectors I have worked, in my linkedin. Or you can try asking the chatbot!

PNR Clearing House

MVP and business plan of EDIFACT transmission platform, communication and mkt campaign.

Telefónica OCS

Delivery of Online Charging System in El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panamá, Ireland, Argentina…


Transformation project for Spanish Ministry of Justice. COBIT, TOGAF, PMBOK,ITIL, Atlassian (JIRA, Big Picture,…)

ITSM implementation

Monitoring, ITIL Processes, Business Intelligence (ETL, OLAP), KPI, and Dashboards mainly for Public Sector.

What I am good at

Main personal skills


As a leader, I am passionate about inspiring, empowering and guiding others towards success. I strive to create creative teams, where all ideas are listened. Empathy, active listening and negotiation are my main tools for achieving this.

Analytical Thinking

I am good at dissecting complex problems and uncover meaningful insights, due to my background in Business Intelligence and Business Analysis. I thrive on data and evidence, utilizing logical reasoning and critical analysis to make informed decisions.


I know how to articulate a compelling vision and rallying a team around it. I make the team feel a sense of purpose and ownership using clarity, active listening, and deep understanding of I.T.Platforms, trough the whole product development process.


You can find updated testimonials in my linkedin page

“Alfredo is a professional with an extremely high degree of integrity. His dedication is exemplary. He leads his tasks in a very efficient and disciplined manner. He is flexible and has great teamwork skills. Undoubtedly, he is a professional with significant added value.”                                                                                                                                                                  

Nuria fermoso

European Regional Manager, Passenger Experience & Faciltation, IATA

“[…] Alfredo demonstrated exceptional qualities in managing highly complex and critical projects for the company, along with an immense technical capability to design solutions and always be attentive to continuous improvements. […]. I highly recommend Alfredo for any role involving project management, teamwork and engaging with external clients.

Gastón Ezequiel Conesa

Project Management Director, Telefonica Argentina

“Alfredo is a result oriented team player skilled as liaison amongst senior management, stakeholders, suppliers, vendors, end-customers, and the IT team with effective communications skills. A good listener, team builder, motivator, with experience in mentoring, training, and managing ethnically diverse teams applying a user-friendly approach.”

Valentín Galán

Vice President Channel & Alliances , salesforce

“It was my pleasure to work with Alfredo on a number of Projects in the Spanish Market. He is hard working, very knowlegable, and good fun to partner with. For a UK/USA centric company it is essential to have a good partner if you want to break into the Spanish market, and Alfredo knows that market very well. […]”

Paul Mcneil

Former Global Sales Director BSM , Compuware

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